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Congratulations on taking the first step towards feeling better. 

As a counselor and coach, my focus is on the whole of you--mind, body and spirit. We will work together to tackle whatever is troubling you, playing havoc in your relationships or keeping you in fear. Seeking help, whether you've never done it before or have lots of experience, is never easy, and I respect that you've made it this far. 

My goal is for you to feel free. Free of the past, obstacles in the present, and all those things you do that were needed once but no longer serve. Life's not always a bed of roses, and sometimes it really kicks you in the teeth. It can really hurt. Let me help you learn better coping skills, new ways of looking at things, and how to respond rather than react.  Sometimes it takes a deep dive into painful stuff from the past, but we'll do it together and you'll find it's never as bad as you fear it's going to be. You're never too broken or "sick" for therapy to help, and if you're not sure your problems are "worthy" of getting help, call for a consultation and we'll talk it through together, no obligation. My coaching clients usually feel stuck in one way or another, or have some big decisions to make and aren't certain how to go about making them. Some are specifically working on staying sober. I won't be your sponsor, but I can help you stay accountable. Lost hope? Lean on mine. 

With my experience in overseas aid & development, my knowledge of French and my international psychology and counseling background, I can offer your organization or company tailored consulting on keeping staff healthy and safe, building resilience, pre- and post-deployment issues, inclusion and developing multicultural competencies.

All skin colors, ethnicities and belief systems welcome, LGBTQIA+, all abilities and Deaf allied. Ages 14+.

Just call or text, write me an email or use the contact form to get in touch, and start down the road to feeling more like you. I promise you, it's worth it. 

Please note: Appointments in-person are available Wednesdays and Thursdays. Appointments online are available any time within the listed opening hours. 

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