Anxiety, depression, PTSD, dissociative disorders, difficulty connecting with others, feeling empty inside, feeling worthless or not good enough, having big emotional reactions that seem out of proportion to what's happening, feeling out of control, questions about identity, childhood trauma, history of abuse... these are just some of the reasons my clients come to me. 

trauma Attachment and Trauma

Sometimes things happen that leave a heavy footprint in our lives. Even more insidious can be what should have happened, but didn't: the secure, loving attachment that sets a person up to go out into the world with confidence, self-esteem and a sense of safety. I primarily use the Comprehensive Resource ModelTM to process trauma, which is an efficient way to get to the source of your pain and heal it--forever. You don't have to talk about the details of what happened if you don't want to. I am also trained in and use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). If you're experiencing anxiety, depression, undesirable relationship patterns or you just feel stuck or broken, I can help. 


Aid and Development Workers

International aid & development workers face a unique situation. Tough living conditions, linguistic and cultural barriers, high productivity expectations at work, isolation from friends and family, and facing poverty and distress every day. Trailing spouses and children are supposed to happily pick up sticks every so often and just make it work, or relationships break down under the strain of back-to-back deployments. The "work hard, play hard" vibe is fine for a while, until you can't sleep, or the empty wine bottles seem to be multiplying on their own. Or you're heading "back to civilization" and have no idea how to do it. Pre-, in- or post-deployment, I've been there. Let me help.


Life With Disability

Whether your disability is congenital or acquired, physical or intellectual, visible or invisible, sometimes it just helps to speak with someone who understands. And sometimes you don't want to talk about your disability at all. Even if your disability isn't what you want to address in therapy, having a counselor who "gets it" can make things a lot easier. Deaf and hard of hearing folks are welcome.


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